Telescope Info

Building or Buying a Telescope

Recommended Resources:

This is the home of sidewalk astronomy:

An excellent guide to building a Dobsonian telescope provided by the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers: (PDF)

A portal into Dobsonian telescope building provided by Popular Mechanics:

The Dobsonian Telescope: A Practical Manual For Building Large Aperture Telescopes. For $29.95, perhaps the most complete guide available:

A very well illustrated step-by-step guide to building an eight inch Dobsonian telescope:

A detailed guide to building a six or eight inch Dobsonian telescope:

A useful and humorous guide to building a Dobsonian telescope:

Articles of interest to telescope makers:

Mel Bartel’s site has a lot of interesting detail. Don’t be overwhelmed:

A comprehensive resource:

A reputable telescope supplier:

Another reputable retail option. Mike Peoples supervises telescope sales and is very knowledgeable:

Sky and Telescope Magazine, a good general source for all things astronomical: